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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Lao Tzu

Great Beginnings

Maybe you are starting from the beginning; if so, get excited because we will help you take the next step to launching your big idea.  The following is an overview of electronic product development and helpful tips.

Dream Big

It is important to organize your ideas and create a clear focus for the project.  A design specification or product design document is created for this purpose.
Tip: Make sure this document starts with a description of basic product operation.  This can be used to provide focus when creating a prototype on what is needed for a minimum viable product.

Design and Engineer

One of the most exciting experiences for us is seeing the product take shape.  Prototypes are created as a proof of concept to prove out the product and show investors.  Depending on the product, it might take different engineering disciplines to create.  Embedev will handle the firmware and can do electronic hardware.  We have the resources to build the team you need.

Tip: When developing software, engineers use a version control tool like Git.  Git keeps track of software history.  This is useful because you can jump back to historic points if needed.  You can also use a tool like this to track hardware files as well.

Bring It to Life

Bringing the product to life involves getting it manufactured.  For the electronics parts, this involves getting the PCB manufactured and parts populated onto it.
Tip: Drop your business email here for a list of my recommended manufacturing companies.


Finishing the prototype is a great accomplishment, but the product needs refinement.  This whole process is then repeated to get the device to production quality.

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