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Who We Are

Embedev is a small team with a strong focus on embedded firmware development for electronic projects.   We specialize in C and C++ programming languages.  Here are some of the major groups we work with:


Are you an owner/co-founder of a startup and have an idea for the next exciting electronic product or IoT device? Let us help you start off on the right foot and launch your product.

Tech Partners

Are you part of a small business or a project manager and looking to improve your development process? Let us help speed up development or start the firmware for your next project.


Are you an investor looking to get involved with a tech company but confused by all the technicalities? We make things easy to understand so you can make the right investment.

Why Us

First-class Firmware

We strive to create outstanding firmware by having industry proven quality processes. Through hard work, testing, and constant improvement, we continue to innovate in our field of expertise.

Dedication To Your Project

We are dedicated to our customer’s projects and have a goal to see you succeed. We work with our clients to establish long-term relationships that help you grow the product to production.

Experience In Our Craft

We have over 8 years of experience in firmware design work. We have helped design both high and low volume products, distributed to over 26 different countries.

Testing and Thorough

Our code is tested to make sure it will work consistently. We test while constructing the code to catch issues as they occur instead of trying to catch them after the work is done.

Can Step In at Any Point

We have the experience and flexibility to enter projects at any stage of development. We can quickly get up to speed and be productive in a short amount of time.

Resources you need

We are in close contact with individuals in supporting specialized fields. We use these connections to get you the resources you need for your project.


Our passion is to create outstanding and feature-rich products. Here is some feedback from groups we have worked closely with:

We started working with Brandon early in 2018, and it was immediately clear how much value he would bring to the firmware side of our product.

He was instrumental in taking our hardware and firmware, hacked together to work at local Australian primary schools, and turning it into a versatile plug and play, cloud-connected unit that was ready for export internationally.

I would highly recommend Brandon to other local Australian companies that are looking for robust product knowledge, quality of work and fantastic communication skills.

Eugene Holdenson Kimura

Co-founder & CEO

I have worked with Brandon from Embedev on a high complexity IoT project for a connected car startup.

Brandon took over the responsibility for the embedded firmware development on the project from a previous consultant.

He was very quick to get up to speed with the large existing codebase, resolve bugs with high attention to detail and proposed improvements to enhance the reliability of the system.

Brandon was extremely approachable and responsive in getting issues resolved; he showed great technical acumen in areas around firmware and hardware design and network communications.

Brandon is a great asset to any project he is involved with, it was a pleasure working with him.

Gábor Fekete

Director Of Technology

Developing the hardware for a connected car platform was quite a difficult project, given the various make/model combinations, the breadth of data that needed to be extracted and then transmitted securely and efficiently to our cloud services.

Brandon from Embedev, jumped into the project mid-stream which is very hard, but he quickly came up to speed with the existing code base. 

He was able to resolve a number of bugs and was highly detailed oriented. He proposed significant improvements to enhance reliability, and performance of the device. He also dramatically enhanced security of our system.

With Brandon on-board, the project picked up significant pace and we ended up with a quality product in a short period of time.

Working with Brandon was an absolute pleasure; with his solid interpersonal skills and a team player by helping across the entire spectrum from hardware design to manufacturing.

Brandon would be the only call when we need our next product developed!

Roy Cooke

Founder and CEO

I got in contact with Embedev to help develop firmware for a new product I was designing.

I worked with Brandon directly. He provided excellent communication and made it easy for me to stay informed about the progress of firmware development.

I have a background in programming and could see that the provided code from Embedev was documented, tested, and well crafted.

With this firmware, I was able to reach my timelines early and was confident in my device’s operation.

I plan to bring Embedev back on-board for future firmware projects

Collin Stoner


Our Latest Work


Client: Iungo
What We Did: Firmware / Hardware / GUI Demo

Connected cars are becoming a thing of reality, but unless you purchase a modern vehicle, that technology is still out of reach. One of our clients set out to change that by making a plug and play, always connected, device for your vehicle. The ideas was to give drivers or owners the information they needed in their personal or business fleet.


Client: Ragtagd
What We Did: Firmware and Hardware Design

RFID is a radio-frequency identification technology that is used to record the presence of an object, usually some type of tag, using radio signals. It has a variety of interesting applications. One of our clients had an RFID reader that they were using to scan for nearby tags and send that information over a cellular connection to a server...

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Our Stats

We design firmware that will function correctly and be stable in the hands of your customers.  This is what we have accomplished thus far.

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